Basil seeds - Uses, Benefits | How to take basil seeds

Basil seeds
Basil seeds

Basil seeds:
Basil seeds are the seed of basil plants. Basil is one type of herb. It has various names like Sabja seed, Tukmaria seeds, Falooda seeds, Tukmalanga seeds, sweet basil. Generally, basil seeds look like tear shape, it is black. This is so nutritious thing and filled with minerals. The scientific name of basil is Ocimum basilicum. The origin of basil seeds in India. Normally favorable environment of basil seed in a tropical region, warm zone. Basil seed has no flavor. In Ayurveda basil plants have been used for many years for its seeds and leaves.


Protein, vitamins, fibers, calcium, potassium, magnesium, omega 3-6 fatty acids, linolenic acid, linolenic acid, oleic acid, zinc, iron, phosphorus, copper, sodium, etc minerals, carbohydrates. It has little amount of fat.

Basil seeds

Benefits of Basil Seeds:

Basil seeds have lots of benefits in the human body. Basil seeds have big roles in our body and mind. It not only gives health benefits but also gives mental health benefits. Let's know what are those benefits.

      • Weight loss: 

basil seeds have omega 3 fatty acids which help to burn your fat faster. It has fiber that causes you to feel your stomach has filled with foods. You will consume low calories, which helps to lose weight. Take basil seeds before 30 minutes of your meal.

      • Constipation: 

Basil seeds or Sabja seeds have high fiber so your constipation also wanes. Basil seeds clear gastrointestinal tract. Take basil seeds with warm milk at the time of sleep. Your problem will be solved.

Basil seeds

Basil Plant

      • Body heat : 

It reduces body heat from the body. It keeps coolness in our bodies. Basil seeds are important to control your body temperature normal. Basil seeds can be added in water or lemon water for reducing body heat.

      • Acidity: 

Basil seeds reduce acidity very well. It neutralizes the acidic effect of HCL. You can take soaked basil seeds in milk. This will help you to get rid of acidity and heartburn also.

      • Piles:

 Basil seeds wane piles. It cleans your stomach and makes smooth stools. Sabja seeds or basil seeds soak into the water for 30 minutes. Then collect seeds from the water and mix it with warm milk. Take it before going to bed at night. This works for using somedays.

Basil seeds

Basil seeds

      • Blood sugar: 

Basil seeds are effective for type ll diabetes patients. It controls blood sugar levels in an incorrect way. After meals, basil seeds with water, milk. You can use it also green tea without mixing any sugar components after a meal. It helps to low blood sugar at the time of after meal.

      • Skin and Hair:

 Generally, Basil seeds are good for your skin cells. It gains glow on your skin. It also can treat damaged skin. Basil seeds are good for hair. Vitamins, proteins, zinc, iron are needful elements for hair growth. These all are included in basil seeds. So obviously basil seeds help to grow your hair organically.

      • Digestive system: 

Basil seeds detox our bodies. It cleans the digestive tract. This diminishes digestive problems. If you take basil seeds with milk, your digestive system get improvement. It boosts digestion very well on our bodies.

      • Cholesterol:

 Basil seed has high fibers components. A fiber which is pectin is present in basil seed. Pectin has a property too low cholesterol levels in the human body. You can drink basil seeds with water to low your cholesterol level.

      • Mouth infections and ulcers:

 Basil seed has properties to wane mouth infections and mouth ulcers. We all know that normally mouth ulcers occur for many reasons. Bacterial, fungal, viral these three infections are also causes of mouth ulcers. So, mouth infections become a result of mouth ulcers. Basil seeds have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties which help to reduce it. So, take basil seeds with your drink or food.
  • How to use Basil Seeds: 

Basil seeds
Basil seeds

There have multipurpose uses of basil seeds. You can use it in different ways as you want. Your choice of what you will do with these seeds. Take a bowl full of water and keep Sabja seeds or basil seeds on it. The ratio of basil seeds and water should be 1:5 that means 20 gm basil seeds and 100 ml water/ 30 gm basil seeds and 150 ml water. You have to soak them for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, filter it which means shift those seeds from the water. After soaking, basil seeds swell. Now, it is ready for use in various recipes. The best way of eating or using basil seeds is, take a glass of water, put soaked basil seeds in water, and drink it.
Now, I'm going to share some short recipes with Falooda seeds or basil seeds. Here is the following list.
Basil seeds
Basil seeds

How to take basil seeds

1. Milk with basil seeds.

2. Salad with basil seeds.

3. Icecream with basil seeds.

4. Lemon water with basil seeds.

5. Rose milk with basil seeds.

Basil seeds

6. Green tea with basil seeds.

7. Lassi with basil seeds.

8. Custard with basil seeds.

9. Milkshake with basil seeds.

10. Watermelon juice, orange juice, etc fruit juices with basil seeds.

Basil seeds

Basil seeds are flavorless, it has no taste. Generally, basil seeds give a nice texture to other foods. It makes more taste to other drinks, foods.


Basil seed has not only benefits but also has few bad side effects. It is considered that to avoid basil seeds during pregnancy. As basil seeds reduce the rate of estrogen hormone, it may cause of miss carriage. Estrogen reduces so it has a possibility to come period, it's also bad for the baby. If someone is wounded then avoid basil seed. If you have suffered from Surgery recently then please consult your doctor. If you are permitted by the doctor then take basil seeds. Otherwise, stop to take it for a few months. Children may have a problem taking this because there is a possibility of getting stuck on the throat and esophagus. So, avoid basil seeds is better for them. Don't take basil seeds excessively, it's not good for health.

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