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Hi there,

  I am Rimpa, a daily yoga practitioner. In this blog, I will share all of my experiences with yoga.
Practicing Yoga has monumental edges in our health because it keeps the United States far from diseases like headaches, flu, asthma, etc., and helps in creating United States work,
flexible, and contemporary long. In our everyday life, we tend to area unit busy operating for the entire day and forget all regarding our health. And as a result, we tend to perpetually feel pain,
stress and have several probabilities of falling sick. However, active Yoga only once in our daily routine can facilitate scale back and overcome the issues that even medicines area units unable to cure. Several people have jobs sitting in offices the entire day. Even subsequently, not active Yoga or doing any physical observe will have an effect on our body in trying fat and creating it stiff. Doing the twelve posture series referred to as Hindu deity Namaskar, Pranayama, and a few joint movements will facilitate overcome this downside.

So I  decided to open this blog to spread awareness of Yoga Benefits.
Here you can learn all the yoga techniques and their benefits and about Ayurvedic treatments for your daily life.

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